Catch & Keep Tickets – all fish being kept must be those caught first thereafter going on to catch and release. (All Tiger Trout and Brown Trout must be returned to the lake).

No propellers, flickers, spinners, set lines, groundbaiting or baited flies. No powerbait allowed.

No floating flies on an intermediate or sinking line.

Fish to be released should be left in the water at all times.

Barbless or debarbed hooks only.

ONLY FISHERY NETS TO BE USED. All of these nets must be disinfected in the trays provided.

A maximum of 3 flies can be used up to size 10. No large lures

SINGLE hooks only on each fly.

Minimum tippet strength 6lbs.

No boobies or booby-style fishing Snakes 1 Hook only

Transferring of fish to other anglers is not allowed.

The fishery reserves the right to inspect bags and vehicles at any time without giving a reason.

Children aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult when fishing.

No dogs allowed.

For a peaceful environment please make as little noise or disturbance as possible.

Please put litter and leader materials in the bins provided.

When anglers are not fishing their equipment must be removed from the lakes.

The fishery has a legal right to refuse admission to any person.