Fishing Report 7-9-2020

Fishing Report 7-9-2020
September 6, 2020 chatton

A very busy week at Chatton with 271 Rods on our fly lakes. 
Washing line has been a cracking method this week (FAB on the point and Diawl Bachs on the droppers) 

Top Rods

Jim Burtle returned 16

David Parker returned 20

Andrew Hooper returned 9

Alec Harvey returned 16

Willie Emery returned 12

Jack Metcalf returned 9

Scott Nellins returned 8

John Cowell returned 10

Matty Devine returned 30 in two visits this week

Robbie Bell returned 10 including 15lb, 10lb, 8lb and 5lb


Fly Box


diawl bachs

kate mclaren

hares ear




cats whisker

Reddis Lake

48 rods this week with 196 fish caught.


We are continuing with weekly stocking and closing time remains at 8pm. 

📸photo credit this week goes to Lucy Bowden with this lovely photo of Kit (11) and Monty (9) 

Monty caught using dries. 






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