Fishing Report 7-10-19

Fishing Report 7-10-19
October 7, 2019 chatton

Jim Burtle returned 14 for two visits this week using dries

K Stewart returned 26 this week including a 9lb and 11lb Trout in his two visits this week using Diawl bachs

G Grear from Blyth returned 13 using bloodworms.

R Hall returned 10 using Bunnyleeches

W Harland from Blyth kept 4 with a bag weight of 11lb 8oz using black and green nomad.

A Morton returned 12

The Bilbrough Brothers returned 22 between them them using Blobs, Bloodworms and sedges

Davis Kay returned 15

Davey Parker returned 19 using Diawl bachs

R McDougall returned a 12lb brown trout. 

P Davison returned 12

James Bird returned a 8lb tiger trout using nymphs

Elaine McCallum returned a 15lb brown trout to Ross lake. 

Richard Clark’s 6lb tiger trout is this weeks photo. 


Conditions continue to be good with fish feeding on the surface or just below. 

Fly Box



Diawl Bachs




We look forward to welcoming Ellem fishing club and Kingfishers this weekend. 


We will now now be closing at 5pm Tuesday –  Sunday. 

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  1. Brian 2 years ago

    So weird. I was just searching for information about this stuff and you popped up. You must be doing something right. Thanks by the way, this really answered some questions I was wondering about.

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