Fishing report 6-1-2020

Fishing report 6-1-2020
January 5, 2020 chatton

The results of the Eddie Brown Winter Series (22-12-2019)

1st Davey Parker 

2nd Ryan Matthews

3rd Eric Carmichael

4th Alec Harvey

132 fish caught giving a rod average of 5.28. Well done to everyone. 


Davey Kay returned 11

Dan Davis returned 9

Brian Davis returned 7

Steve Cochrane returned 10

J Jervis returned 9


Kev Dunn returned 7

Martin Watson returned 7

G Maddison returned 7

D Maddison Returned 5

J Bales returned 5

Lee Mooney returned 5

Dave Ord returned 5


Eamon Looney returned 12

Rob Frame returned 20 including 9lb and 7lb trout from Ross lake and 5lb and 6lb from Chatton lake.

Peter Davison returned 10 including 10lb, 8lb and 7lb trout. 

S Younger returned 10 

Thomas Looney returned 8

G Short returned 6


John Jervis returned 5

Davey Parker returned 12

David Kay returned 4

Rodney Burn returned the first fish at 08:32 with his first cast. 

T Brown returned 6

D Smith returned 17

Dan Davis returned 6

Ladhope Inn Fishing Club fished a friendly team competition with team 2 being the winners. M Blackwood was top rod returning 11 and D Boland returned the heaviest fish at 9lb 12oz. We look forward to having them back this coming Saturday. 


Paul Runec returned 9

Lee Wilkinson returned 6

Jimmy Drew returned 7

Rob Frame returned 13

Davey Parker returned 15

Howard Croston returned 9

S Younger returned 6

Peter Davison returned 7


John Pringle Returned 7 including a 12lb+ rainbow

R Hill returned 6


Fly Box

Yellow Dancer



Green and Black Lure



Photo credit to Nicholas Armstrong. Photo from Eddie’s rock looking along Dunnydeer lake. Thank you. 

Closing time this week is 4pm.





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