Fishing Report 4-11-19

Fishing Report 4-11-19
November 3, 2019 chatton

A Harvey returned 12 using Diawl Bachs, zonkers and cats.

T Russell SNR returned 11 using dries and buzzers

T Russell JNR returned 17 using buzzers.

T Wadds returned 12 using Diawl Bachs, blobs and lures

L Leng returned 10

R Matthews returned 12

D Todd returned 12 using CDCs

J Cannon kept 3 with a bag weight of 11lb 14oz using bunnyleech and daddies 

D Parker returned 20 in 2 visits this weekend using buzzers

W Bell returned 10 using lures and foam daddy

Josh Piper from Morpeth returned 19 using dries and Diawl Bachs

Jack Metcalf returned 9 using dries and buzzers

Rob Brown returned 9 using dries

Kevin Murray returned 9 using dries and shipmans

P Davison from New Hartley returned 8 in 2 visits

R Frame returned 13 

Ali Tait from Morpeth returned 9 using cormorants

Jim Burtle and Guy Nicholson from Newcastle returned 16 between them


conditions this week have been challenging with heavy rain, bright sunlight and changing wind direction.


Fly Box



Diawl Bachs




**Sunday 10th November is the second heat (fully booked) in the Eddie Brown Winter Series both Dunnydeer and Ross lake will be closed but Chatton lake will remain open. 

Davey Parker’s next Master Class is Saturday 23-11-19 at 9am. 


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