Fishing Report 29-06-2020

Fishing Report 29-06-2020
June 29, 2020 chatton

Another week of harder fishing due to warm bright conditions at the start of this week. Sinking lines were most effective. 
We have no moved to weekly stocking. 

This weeks top Fly Rods were

Gordon Greer kept 4 with a bag weight of 14lb and returned a further 12

John Cowell returned 9

Matty Devine returned 20

Ian Santon returned 11

Eric Carmichael returned 10

Anthony Meadows returned 19

Davey Parker returned 10 

Howard Croston returned 9

Reddis Lake

Reddis will get an additional stocking this week due to the popularity over the last couple of weeks. 

Fly Box



small lures


The first heat of Chatton’s Spring Grand will be fished this Sunday (5-7-2020) this means that Ross and Dunnydeer lakes will be closed till 5pm when they will then reopen to all anglers. 
Further information will follow this week for competition anglers.

Photo credit to Ali Tait this week. 


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