Fishing report 26-01-2020

Fishing report 26-01-2020
January 26, 2020 chatton

S Grzybowski returned 11

Richard Lee returned 7

M Devine returned 21

Jed Armstrong returned 18 in his two visits this week including 2 fin perfect tigers. 

GJ Van Zan returned 4 and kept 2 with a bag weight of 8lb

E Traish kept 2 with a bag weight of 6lb

Rob Yule returned 10

Tony Rowley returned 14

Nathan Bryant returned 11

P Fiddes returned 12

J Tait returned 10

J Smith returned 13

Rob Hall returned 34 in two visits

David Kay returned 11

Rodney Burn returned 16

Josh Piper returned 11

I Callow returned 15

F Aitchison returned 12

H Douds returned 9

J Williams returned 12

Mick Kirkpatrick returned 15

Ryan Matthews returned 21

Lewis Leng returned 16

D Taylor kept 2 with a bag weight of 7lb

P Davison returned 22

Rob Frame returned 14

Emma Snaith returned 2 (her first time fishing) 

Fly Box





Yellow dancer





**Chatton’s Spring Grand**
our first heat on 29-03-2020 is now full, heat 2 is 12-04-2020. 

Our morning session is full but we still have availability for the afternoon starting at 13:30. Booking only via the fishery.




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