Fishing Report 24-02-2020

Fishing Report 24-02-2020
February 23, 2020 chatton

M Devine returned 6

H Douds returned 5

C Bell kept 2 with a bag weight of 8lb

R Frame returned 8

P Davison returned 12

Tiddles returned 5 in his two visits this week

K Thompson kept 2 with a bag weight of 4lb

D Wafer kept 1 and returned 2 with a bag weight of 1 1/2lb

B Davis returned 9

D Davis returned 3

J Piper returned 13

G Lynn returned 4

S Turnbull kept 2 with a bag weight of 8lb

M Watson returned 2 during his second lesson on Sunday. 

Fly Box






Diawl Bachs

Fishing this week has been difficult with high winds daily making some parts of the lakes impossible to fish. Hopefully this weeks forecasted more settled conditions will make for easier angling. 

Chattons Spring Grand heats 3 and 4 are starting to fill up if you would like to book your place please contact the fishery. 


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