Fishing report 23-09-2019

Fishing report 23-09-2019
September 23, 2019 chatton

All 3 lakes have fished well this week particularly Ross, Mid week it was exceptional with Dries. 


Phil Milburn from Morpeth caught 14 using Diawl bachs

John Haywood from Galashiels returned 15 using PTN’s and dries. 

Keith Row from Ashington caught 14 using cats whiskers and Diawl Bachs.

Mick Kelly from Felton landed 12 using Diawl Bachs 

Jim Smith and R Boyd caught 24 between them using foam beetles. 

 Jed Armstrong from Morpeth caught 18 for his 2 visits this week. 

Nice to see father and son Tom Russell back after a 4 year absence landing 54 between themselves for 2 visits this week. 


Fly box

black foam beetle


diawl bachs


cats whiskers

bunny leeches 


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