Fishing Report 23-03-2020

Fishing Report 23-03-2020
March 22, 2020 chatton

M Devine returned 67 in two visits this week.

K Laidler returned 20

D Kay returned 58 in 3 visits this week

K Stewart returned 7 and kept 4 with a bag weight of 17lbs

R Glass returned 18

E Petrie kept 4 with a bag weight of 17.7lbs

D Pringle returned 10

T Robinson returned 7 and kept 1

RJ Lee returned 8 and kept 2

G Grear returned 8 and kept 4 with a bag weight of 12.6lbs

W Harland returned 1 and kept 4 with a bag weight of 7lbs

J Armstrong returned 22

A Harvey returned 41 in two visits this week

H Pringle returned 11

J Piper returned 22

J Metcalf returned 10

J Drew returned 17

L Leng returned 22

D Astbury returned 13 and kept 3 

D Cooper returned 3 and kept 3 with a bag weight of 16lb (10lb rainbow)

J Firby returned 20

R Mathews returned 23

C Connell returned 19

T Carr returned 20

J Burtle returned 15

D Harvey returned 20

A Foggin returned 12

M Dodd returned 11

T Wadds returned 34 in his two visits this week

H Croston returned 20

D Parker returned 20

S Younger returned 17

R Burn returned 13

D Davis returned 12 

B Davis returned 12

K Morley returned 12

R Hall returned 54 in his two visits this week

D Bilbrough returned 20

S Bilbrough returned 20

G Fisher returned 19

P Bilbrough returned 18

Photo credit to R Pringle. 

Fly Box

Black Bunny Leech

Wicked White buzzer

Yellow Dancer

Cats Whisker 


What a fantastic week the lakes have all been producing fish with a lot of doubles coming out.

Dunnydeer and Ross Lakes will be closed Sunday 29-03-2020 for the first heat in our Chatton’s Spring Grand

At present time we have not been advised to close by the government and we will continue to be open until we are told to close.

We have made some changes.

All tea and coffee is self service for time being.

Hand sanitiser is on the counter to be used before you sign in.

If you can use contactless card payments this is preferred at present.

We have increased cleaning/disinfecting to hourly.

Please sing Happy Birthday loudly when washing your hands.

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home to look after the staff and your fellow anglers. 

Thank you for your continued support from All The Team. 




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