Fishing Report 22-06-2020

Fishing Report 22-06-2020
June 22, 2020 chatton

Fly Lakes

The week started with trout on the top taking small dry flies but by Friday they were a lot deeper and sinking lines were the way to go. 
This weeks selection of TOP RODS

Keith Forster returned 16

Davey Parker returned 24

Mark Wadds returned 10

Mick Kelly returned 9

Nathan Bryant returned 9

Gordon Greer kept 4 with a bag weight of 14lb and also returned another 16

Mr Gray kept 4 with a bag weight of 15lb

Dan Davis returned 13

Lewis Leng returned 13

Fly Box


black spider


diawl bachs

mini yellow dancer. 

Reddis Lake

Reddis lake continues to be popular with all ages. 
Darren Thompson and Stuart McLevy enjoyed 3 hours on Saturday morning and Freddie (pictured) caught his first trout on Saturday afternoon.




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