Fishing Report 20-07-2020

Fishing Report 20-07-2020
July 20, 2020 chatton

This week angling has been challenging at times due to variable weather.

This is just a selection of top rods this week

Paul Jacques returned 14

Julian Bales returned 11

Willie Emery returned 15

Josh Piper returned 24

Derek Todd returned 13


Chatton’s Spring Grand heat 2

Heat 2 proved to be hard fishing due to bright conditions special thanks to Robbie Bell and Rob Frame who allowed other anglers to fish in place of them.

91 fish returned to the lakes making a rod average of 3.8

1st Gareth Beagrie

2nd Josh Piper

3rd Lee Abbott

4th Stewart Younger

5th Trevor Wadds

6th Alec Harvey

Well Done to all anglers.

We have 2 spaces left for heat 3 on Saturday 01-08-2020 if you would like to book please call 01668 215226 if you have booked a place please call to confirm.

Fly Box




F fly

Reddis Lake

Harder fishing on Reddis this week with fish being deeper in the water to avoid the bright conditions.


We are still stocking all lakes weekly.

Photo credit Ryan Waterhouse with is picture of Gareth on his first peg of the day.



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