Fishing Report 17-06-2019

Fishing Report 17-06-2019
June 17, 2019 chatton

After Thursdays rain Friday proved to be very popular even before we stocked all our lakes. Our new fish Orange Bob joined Billy in Chatton lake. 

Our top rod for Friday was R Matthews with his full bag limit (sporting) and Mr Purves with a bag weight of 11lbs for a keep ticket. 

Saturday seen P Davison bring Billy the 20lb brownie to the net, this is the first time billy has been caught since coming to chatton WELL DONE. 

Saturday seen 4 top rods (sporting) P Davison, R Frame, J Drew and D Parker and J Kennedy for a keep ticket. 

Sunday seen P Davison again as top rod adding to Saturdays Success with an 11lb Trout our of Dunnydeer. 

Still a mixture of flies working over all 3 lakes with clouding conditions making all fish rise. 


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