Fishing Report 16-03-2020

Fishing Report 16-03-2020
March 15, 2020 chatton

J Cannon from Warkworth returned 2 and kept 4 with a bag weight of 12.4lbs

K Stewart from Boulmer returned 3 and kept 4 with a bag weight of 12.8lbs

J Stephenson from Embleton returned 9

J Bales from Wooler returned 10

R Thomson from Dunbar returned 12

I Callow from Dunbar returned 17

W Emery from Newbiggin returned 19

David Jordan returned 11

J Jordan returned 9

Ali Tait returned 22

M Palmer returned 12

J Drew returned 20 including Billy the Brownie. 

N Blackburn returned 10

H Douds returned 13 including a 12lb rainbow

Rob Hall returned 9

T Wadds returned 20

Jack Metcalf returned 15

E Carmichael returned 10

D Neilson returned 16

P Snaith returned 19

Owen Palmer returned 13

E Looney returned 12

H Croston returned 16

Tiddles returned 17

D Parker returned 22

On Saturday Harrison Douds had a youth team fund raiser this was a friendly competition with the 3 heaviest fish caught on the day. 
D Neilson caught the heaviest fish at 13.8lb, J Pringle took 2nd place with 12lb and 3rd heaviest went to Joseph Boyle with 8.9lb. 134 fish were brought to the net making a rod average of 11.16. 

On Sunday we welcomed back the boys of Mills and Groom fishing club. 
All 5 lads caught the full bag of 4 fish with victory going to E Looney with a total bag weight of 14lb. 

Well Done to Josh Piper on winning the ATTEFF semi final at Tofts Newton this weekend. 

Fly Box



Cats Whisker



The start of the week proved to be very difficult for anglers with strong winds making fishing nearly impossible but conditions improved and all the lakes started producing fish from Friday onwards. 
This Saturday (21-03-2020) we welcome Eyemouth angling club. 

closing time this week will remain at 17:00. 




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