Fishing Report 14-10-19

Fishing Report 14-10-19
October 13, 2019 chatton

Well done to the gentlemen of Ellem fishing club, Gala angling and Ashington Kingfishers who joined us this weekend for club competitions. 

C Jarrett returned this 6-7lb brown trout (photo credit) while fishing with Ashington Kingfishers

Nathan Bryant returned 8

Rob Frame returned 11

S Bilbrough returned 11 using blobs

J Tait returned a 10lb tiger trout

I Callow returned 9

GJ Van Zan caught 3 trout for a bag weight of 8.5lb

M Devine returned 24 across all 3 lakes using snakes

R Hedley caught 4 for a bag weight of 10.2lb

K Glenton returned 8

G Grear returned 14

W Harland caught 2 for a bag weight of 11.8lbs using a green and black zonker

T Russell jnr returned 15 using black PTN

T Russell snr returned 8 including a 8lb Tiger Trout. 

R Cooper returned 9 using buzzers

D Davis returned 8 using bloodworms and Diawl bachs

D Casper returned 10 using Hoppers

T Wadds returned 11 for his 2 visits using Diawl Bachs and blobs. 

Fly Box




Diawl Bachs








Congratulations to our regular anglers Rob Frame, Peter Davison, Jim Burtle and Brian Davis for qualifying in the ATTEFF at Maran Lakes (13-10-19)

Sunday (20-10-19) we will have the first heat in the Eddie Brown Winter Series. 

Closing time will remain at 5pm this week. 


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