Fishing report 13-01-2020

Fishing report 13-01-2020
January 12, 2020 chatton

Jed Armstrong returned 14

Peter Davison returned 8

Rob Frame returned 5

Davey Kay returned 19

Rodney Burn returned 5

Stew Younger returned 4

Simon Nicols returned 5

Davey Parker returned 10

Jim Burtle returned 4

Brian Davis returned 7

Dan Davis returned 4

Howard Croston returned 5

Greg Juglaret returned 8

Trevor Wadds returned 4

Tonka returned 3 and kept 1 (3lb)

B Ashcroft returned 3 kept 2

Ken Thompson kept 3 for 7lb

Amy Robinson (age 11) returned 2. 


Fly Box

Yellow Dancer

Diawl bach

Cut throat cat


To allow completion of the new lake We will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 11-02-2020 this is to avoid disturbing our anglers. Thank you.  

photo this week is of Howard Croston, Davey Parker and Greg Juglaret. 


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