Fishing report 09-09-2019

Fishing report 09-09-2019
September 9, 2019 chatton

J Burtle caught 9 using Dries

J Jarvis caught 17 two of them tiger trout

Rob Hall from Morpeth caught 17 using Damsels

R Boyd returned 8

Mick Brown caught 12 using Buzzers

Davie Parker returned 15 one of which was a 8lb rainbow using small Nymphs

Peter Davison fished Saturday and Sunday and returned 19 for both visits

Andy Pandy Saunders returned 10 on Sunday using dries and nymphs

Stewart Younger caught 16 using damsels and daiwl Bach’s. 

Fish are back out of the deep water now feeding just under or on the surface when there’s cloud cover.

Tiger Trout have made a daily appearance in the returns this week which shows water temperature is dropping. 




Various Diawl Bachs

Dawsons Olives




PTN ‘s

closing time remains at 8pm this week and will change to 7:30 from 17th September. 

Photo credit to Jimmy Drew of Davie Parker’s Tiger Trout. 


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