Fishing Report 02-03-2020

Fishing Report 02-03-2020
March 1, 2020 chatton

M Devine returned 11

I Robinson returned 10 in two visits this week

J Armstrong returned 13

J Stephenson returned 8

A Harvey returned 15

R Thompson returned 12

I Callow returned 13

H Croston returned 34 in two visits this week

J Burtle returned 11

D Kay returned 9

R Burn returned 6

A Dandle returned 6

D Jordan returned 6

D Parker returned 18 including a 12lb+ Rainbow.

K Thompson returned 1 and kept 2 with a bag weight of 5lb

D Wafer kept 2 with a bag weight of 7 1/2lb

O Palmer kept 2 with a bag weight of 12.8lb. 


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Weather conditions this week have been better but still the wind makes angling difficult, Trout have been deeper in the lakes so lures have been a fly of choice for most anglers.


Chatton’s Spring Grand we now have limited spaces in our final 2 heats if you would like to book your place please contact the fishery (£15 deposit payable) 

Our opening hours are 08:30 to 17:00 Tuesday to Sunday (subject to change due to the weather) 


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